COME 404 : Automata Theory and Formal Languages  


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Lec1 (PPT) Ref: [LSU]

- PDF [UI], PDF1 [RIT]
- Automata Theory (HTM)
- Turing Machine (HTM)
- Formal Language (HTM)
- Formal Grammer (HTM)

Mathematical Prelininaries

Lec2a (PPT) Ref: [LSU]


Lec2b (PPT) Ref: [LSU]

- PDF [HU]
- PDF [VU]
- PDF2, PDF3, PDF4, PDF5 [RIT]

Deterministic Finite Automata (DFA)

Lec3 (PPT) Ref: [LSU]

- PDF [HU]
- PDF [UI]

Non-deterministic Finite Automata(NFA)

Lec4 (PPT) Ref: [LSU]

- PDF []HU]

Properties of Regular Languages (RL)

Lec5 (PPT) Ref: [LSU]


Regular Expressions (RE)

Lec6 (PPT) Ref: [LSU]

- PDF1, PDF2, PDF3, PDF4 [RIT]
- PDF [HU]

Puming Lemma for Regular Languages
Lec7a (PPT) Ref: [LSU]

Pumping Lemma Examples for RL
Lec7a (PPT) Ref: [LSU]

- PDF [HU]

Context-Free Languages and Grammers

Lec 8 (PPT) Ref: [LSU]


Properties of Context-Free languages 
Lec 9 (PPT) Ref: [LSU]

- PDF1, PDF2 [RIT]

Pushdown Automata 
Lec 11a (PPT) Ref: [LSU]

Pushdown Automata and Context-Free Languages 
Lec 11b (PPT) Ref: [LSU]

- PDF1, PDF2 [RIT]

Puming Lemma for Context-Free Languages 
Lec 12a (PPT) Ref: [LSU]

Pumping Lemma Examples for CFL
Lec12b (PPT) Ref: [LSU]


Turing Machines
Lec13a (PPT), Lec13b (PPT) Ref: [LSU]

- PDF1, PDF2 [RIT]







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